Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

Vegan Coconut Macaroons with Marzipan, Jelly and Chocolate

When I discovered this recipe by Mihl, I got really really exited to try it because these cookies are being loved all over germany and veganizing them is a hard job as the traditional omni-recipe calls for lots of wipped eggwhites. I've seen and tried some recipes, which just called for coconut, fat and sugar and they've been ok but not as good as the original. But this recipe is absolutely amazing and delicious. I've already made two batches and I'am snacking on them all day.
For the first batch I used chipeaflour instead of coconut flour and it turned out great so I would suggest to use chickpeaflour or maybe even soy flour if you can't get hold of coconut flour or if you don't want to spent much money for it (it's quiet expenisve around here but defently delicious).
I made some plain one like Mihl did but also did the version shown on the picture.
I cut out thinly rolled marzipan circles, topped them with the macaroon dough, made a little hole in the middle and filled it with some delicious french red currant jelly ("bonne maman" brand, I don't know whetere this is available outside of europe). After baking I drizzled tem with a bit of chocolate. They are just heavenly. Wait, I have to go into the kitchen to get another one...


  1. I am glad you liked them. I have to try your version with jam and chocolate. They look so good!