Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011


I found the non vegan version of this dish while I was watching arte (a german-frensh Tv channel). Even if beef plays the main roll here it was pretty easy to veganize it with big TVP-chunks and a bit of vegemite. I also added some more leek (the orginial recipe just calls for the green parts of it to use for the bouquet garni). I didn't had something to replace the honey-cake and dind't want to bake some agavecake or something else so I just used two slices of ordinary white bread and this did it. At the first evening I served it with oven baked potatoes which was ok but for next days lunch I mixed the leftovers with some pasta and this really knocked me off.,CmC=4151480.html

Vegan carbonade flamande


about 200 g of big TVP chunks, cook in boilig water for about 10 - 15 minutes

2 big onions peeled and roughly cubed

2 big carrots washed and roughly cubed

1 clove of garlic, chopped

one medium siced piece of leek, sliced into big chunks

2- 3 generous teaspoons of vegemite

3 tbs of molasses

1/2 liter of beer (they recommed a dark one, I used "pils" which is a light but bitter beer, that people drink all over germany as a addition to the local beers)

a bouquet garni, that strikes your fancy (I had some sage, parsley, dried thyme and bay leaves), mixed with 3-4 cloves and stuffed into a teabag

2 slices of bread spread with mustard and cut into smal pieces

canola oil for cooking and salt and pepper for seasoning

1. Heat a big pot and fry the TVP chunks with some canola oil.

2. Remove the chunks and fry the vegetables until they get some brown marks.

3. Add the chunks and the remaining igrendients and simmer on low temperature for about 2 hours.


  1. This looks and sounds amazing! I love your posts.

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