Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

German Foul

I am a bit suprised right now because I searched for the correct translation of the beans I made, which are called "Saubohnen" or "Dicke Bohnen" in german, and found out that they are fava beans.
Oh my, how long did I search for some beans to make foul and found them at the turkish store where I shop every week. I pay about 60 cent for a small can of cooked "fava" beans there, which is still cheap for canned "exotic" beans in germany but on giant jar of these costs 55 cent at the ordinary supermarket. I don't know why I didn't find this out earlier but ok, it seems like this experiment about ancient german food is teaching me some lessons about how to get the irgendients for my next egyptian sandwich in december.
The fava beans went into a sauce called "Mehlschwitze",which I mentioned before ans were mixed with some lightly fried sliced onions. I served this with fried slices of my homemade potatodumplings and some friedchunks of the seitan, which was one of the edieable parts of my giant chew chew yuba goose.
The seitan tasted a bit plumlike, because it was close to the fillng of the goose but the fried slices of the dumplings and the beans were absolutely gorgeous.

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  1. Looks good! "Mehlschwitze" is "roux", if this helps anyone. :)