Montag, 1. November 2010

MoFo Day 1: A Lot Of Bread and Cabbage with Potatoes and Tempeh

Here is what I had for breakfast and lunch today because I was very busy:

It's a special kind of applebutter from my region, which is made of the juice of apples and pears. It is very very thick and dark and tastes very fruity wih a hint of bitterness.
It enjoyed it on top of a tradional wholegrain sprouted ryebread, which is called "Rheinisches Schwarzbrot". The people back in 1910 had this with "Quark" (curd cheese) witch is called "Klatschkäs" in our local dialect. Tomorrow I will try to make my own "Klatschkäs with tofu and blog about the results.

For dinner I made this:

It's called "Wirsingdurcheinander" or "Wirsinguntereinander", which means something like "savoy cabbage mixed up". "Durcheinander" (mixed up) is a common wy to prepare all kinds of vegetables with potatoes. The recipe is very easy. I chopped some savoy cabbage, pealed potatoes and an onion and boiled everything along with some cubes of tempeh, some salt, vegetable stock, two teaspoons of liquid somke and two tablespoons of canola oil until evrything was very very soft. Than I mashed it up with a potato-masher and that's it. It looks like hell but it tasted pretty good.
After the first back back in 1910 I feel good and I enjoyed my meals so far because I liked everything. Tomorrow I won't be so busy so I will be able to have the 5 meals, like I planed it and I am also going to take nicer pictures and wrtie more detailed.
So see you tomorrow.

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  1. Are you kidding? That cabbage dish sounds awesome. I'd love to eat that! Happy MoFo!