Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Jan im Sack mit Birnen-Apfel-Kompott (Pearl barley with compote)

Well, this was a friday lunch dish because it didn't use any fake meats.
"Jack im Sack" is a quiet unknown dish, which I found during me research on traditional recipes from my region. It's mainly the same amount of pearl barley and dried plums mixed and wrapped into a kitchen towel. Than it's cooked in boiling water for about one hour. After cooking it's topped with melted magarine and your done. As a side dish I served a compote made of pears, apples and a bit of cinnamon and sugar.
Served like this it was quiet bland and I not going to have it this way again. I found some sources that say it should be served as a side dish to acompliment a roast like "Sauerbraten". May be this is a better way to use it.

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