Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 4: Potatopancakes on top of rye bread and fermented green beans with potatoes and pears

Okay, first the bad news: The battery of my camera is empty and I can not find the charger. This morning I was running through our 140 m² loft, searching for the charger inside of all those nast cardboxes, which are still left from our move. After one our of searching I digged out an old 2.0 mpix camera and was happy to take this blury picture of my lunch. In german it is called "Reibekuchen mit Schwarbrot und Rübenkraut" (potatopancakes with ryebread and sugar beet molasses).
So that's the first thing diffcult enough to write a recipe.

Ingredients for one portion, that makes you feel like your belly's bursting:

2-3 big siced potatoes

2 tbs of wheat flour

a pinch of salt

canola oil for deepfrying

two slices of ryebread or maybe any other whole grain bread

two generous dollops of sugar beet molasses ( substitude with applebutter or some plain sugar)

a boatload of applesauce (I manged to finisch nearly one whole package which has 710 g but my stomach felt very bad after this and I even felt worse, when I read how much calories a "serving"(180 g) of applesauce has.

1. Finely grate the potatoes and try to sqeeze out as much liquid as you can. (Some people even you a kitch towel to press out all the liquid but I was pretty fine with my method.)

2. Add the flour and salt and mix.

3. Make smal and flat pancakes with your hand and transfer them into a heated pan with the surface completly covered with canola oil or what ever you want to use for deepfrying.

4. Fry on each site until the surface of the pancakes is goldenbrown and the edges are a bit darker. (As you can see in the first blurry picture)

5. Spread the molasses on top of the ryebread and top with the pancakes.

6. If you are me or at least an other crazy applesaucelover, then you have to cover it completly in apllesauce. If you are just a normal person, you add a big dollop of it. (the second method seems to be usefull if you want to eat it with your hands. The applesaucemonster named Juu had to use a fork and a knive.)

Then my mother in law borrowed me her cam until I'll find my charger and I took this scary looking shot of my scary tasting dinner:

Know you gonna ask yourself something like: "What the motherforking hell is this?"
Wellt this is called "Schnippelbohnen auf rheinische Art" (fermented green beans with, mashed potatoes and pears with some homemade smoked tofu bacon added).
Well the bacon was okay but cut haven been better, the potatoes and pears were allright but the beans were extremely salty and sour so I didn't want to finish th whole plate. I knew, that these fermented green beans, which are fermented the same way sauerkraut is fermented, are suposed to be very salty, so I washed them under running water. They were still to salty and so I will try to soak them overnight next time, because I think, that they could have been very nice and so I want to give them a second try, maybe even during this project.
This has even been the frist day of the project when I thought, that I would have liked something fancy because all the stuff was filling my belly with loads of carbs, fibers and fat. But hey there are other traditional foods to make and I am really looking forward to my marinated vegan herring tomorrow so stay tuned.

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  1. We make schnippelbohnen every year, & when we eat them, we simmer pork shoulder in water to cover for 1 hr, then add 1/2 lb of white beans & simmer for 2 hrs, then add the schnippelbohnen & simmer another hour, and then serve with mashed potatoes. While still not a low sodium meal, that cuts the salt a lot. You'd want to eliminate the pork, but I think the principle still applies.