Montag, 8. November 2010

Mofo Day 8: Reibekuchen #2

Today I had a lot of ryebread with applebutter for breakfast and lunch and made some more "Reibekuchen" (potatopancakes) for dinner.
This time I change the recipe a bit because the pancakes were a bit to hard for my taste.
I thaught about the kind of "Reibekuchen" my "Oma" (grandma) used to make when I was child.
Ok, as a child I defenetly hated reibekuchen but things have changed as I've grown older.
Her dough was always soft and the fried reibekuchen were always crispy on the outside and soft, goey and cooked in the center. Of course, she used eggs as a binding agent but I knew what I've made wrong at the first trial.
The dough has to be soft, fluffy a bit wet and not firm, defenetly not firm.
My first dough was so firm, that i could nearly make cookielike pancakes but this was wrong.
The change was very easy, I just didn't pressed out any liquid after I had grated the potatoes and used some more wheat flour.
The result was a fluffly, wet dough, that came out perfect. After frying it was soft in the center and crispy on the outside, exactly how I wanted it to be.
The result looked exactl like the first reibekuchen so i didn't take any pictures because it was already dark outside.
The reibekuchen were so amazing and I and my two year old son gobbeled them down with a lot of appelsauce. This is absolutely becoming one of my favourite dishes as it is cheap, quick and easy to prepare and heaveny delicious.

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