Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Veganer Speckpfannekuchen mit Salat (german savoury pancakes with smoked tofu and a simple salat)

This dish is as simple as tradtional. I made the recipe for savoury crepes from vegan brunch and sprinkeled some cubed smoked tofu on top. I served this with a some iceberg salat witch a dressing made of vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and canola oil and half a finely chopped onion, which is the the kind of salat, that's served with fatty things like savoury pancakes or deepfried fish around here. Unfortunenatly I didn't manage to make some pancakes, that didn't break because I used a cheap non-stick pan but these pancakes were absoutely delicious and tasted closer to the non vegan original than I thought they would before I made them.
The german definition of a "Pfannkuchen" is quiet unclear. Some people make them as thick as an omlette and other people make them as thin as crepes or something in between those two ways and everything don't matter if sweet or savoury is called "Pfannkuchen", which literally translates as pancakes because "Pfanne" means pan and "Kuchen" means cake, but hey, there's no real translation for "Pfannkuchen". The pfannkuchen batter is never seweetened as it is often used for sweet and savoury pfannkuchen at one time. The most popular version of savoury pfannkuchen are the version I presented and plain ones, which are rolled up and filled with fried minced meat. The variety of sweet pfannekuchen is much bigger. People around here eat them with jam or nowadays with nutella and more tradiotional versions are plain ones with sugar or with sliced apples or bluberries, which are always fried inside of the batter. The last two one are tradiotionally beeing sprinkeled with a mix of cinnamon and sugar.
Back in 1910 these pfannekuchen made with wheat flour were an ocasional treat as wheat flour was expensive and people made there pfannkuchen with buckwheat flour, which I am also going to try next week. Today I am preparing a vegan bloodpudding, so stay tuned.

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