Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 2: Starving, Klatschkäs and Cauliflower

This is what I would have liked for breakfast today but everything went wrong.
When I left the house, I thought I would some back in an hour and would be able to have breakfast but then I decided to go to the university libary and I came back at the evening.
The problem was, that I didn't take any food with me and there was nothing to eat for a 1910 vegan. Did I say nothing? No, of course there was one item at the menu of this libary cafe, that was ok for me:
A cup of black tea.
This was everything I had before dinner at 19:30, so I felt like I would be starving all day, which maybe wan't such a bad experience, because the people back in 1910 were very poor and they had to experience a lot of hunger. So I think this was a great experience on my way to understand what it was like to eat in 1910.
At the evening I was able to prepare my "Klatschkäs" for tomorrows breakfast. I just took a block of firm tofu and blended it with the food processor along with aprox. 4 tablespoons of canola oil and 2 tablespoons of sugar until every was nice and creamy.
At the first picture you can see the tradiotional ryr bread topped with the applebutter. I think it is amasing how fine and shiny it looks.
At the second picture there's the same slice of rye bread with applebutter topped with a thick layer of the "Klatschkäs". This is, what the people had for breakfast most of the time, but some people were to poor to buy bread so they had to eat cooked potatoes for breakfast. The spread varied sometimes as there are serveral kinds of "Kraut" such as "Birnenkraut" (pearbutter), "Rübenkraut" (sugar beet molasses) and even "Möhrenkraut" (carrotbutter). Sometimes they even had enough fruit in summer to cook some jelly but as far as I read, jelly was a very luxurious spread.
For dinner I had some cooked potatoes with cauliflower topped with a kind of beachamel sauce called "Mehlschwitze" and three little vegan mini weiners form the organic store.
I would have loved to take a picture of it but unfortunately my camera went out of power so I have to recharge it and I will be back with some pictures tomorrow.

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