Dienstag, 9. November 2010

Rheinischer Döppekooche (Kind of Potatokugel with tempeh bacon and applesauce)

Okay, this was a very very busy week for my and most of the time i didn't feel like blogging and sometimes I even didn't feel like cooking so I had bread.
This was one of the recipes I did, I had this for tuesdays dinner and wednesdays lunch.
It's a traditional kind of potatokugel, which has many many names in our lokal dialect. The funny thing is, that i never had this dish bevor I started the research for my project.
The omnivore version of this dish is very very close to extermly disgusting, because the roughly grated potatoes are mixed with lots o sauges called "Mettwürstchen" and a whole mountain of cubed bacon. They also use eggs as a binding agend but i simply left them out and it was fine.
I roughly grated a few potatoes, mixed them with a hand full of raw tempeh bacon cubes and some dalt papper, nutmeg and lightly fried diced onions. I placed everything in a caserol dish and baked it for two hours. After the baking I served it with a lot of applesauce like thsi is traditionally beeing served.
It was ok but definetly not one of the dishes I am going to have once ore twice a week after I will be back in 2010.

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